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What are people saying about TimeTable?

"Sensational!!! For me its a great help, cause I write my hours in iCal and have to get it out again for the billing. This app really makes it easier!"


"Thank you SO much for developing Time Table! I've been looking for a simple way to add up volunteer hours for our non-profit organization and it seems this is impossible on a small low-budget scale. TimeTable is JUST the perfect tool. It's amazing that there aren't more options out there. But thankfully yours does exactly what is needed. And the update is good too - providing the dollar value of an hour (paid or volunteer) is important for reporting.

Keep up the good work!"


"Many thanks for your terrific application! I am a pastor of a large church. and keep separate iCal calendars for Baptism, Funerals, Weddings. Now I can finally export NOTES for any service, or email to people. If I select the entire FUNERAL calendar, I can export my entire history in TXT format- very handy for archives. This is a clean and worthwhile app. Good job!"

-Rev Bayrock

"Thanks for dreaming this up, it's a great idea."


"iCal is just fine for me and I did not want yet another interface to my calendar. Thanks you for your efforts."

- Guy